Top 6 Non-Profits Raising Awareness on Food Allergies


More than half of the population does not know about this topic and probably does not know how to deal with a symptom of an attack. Below you can read a list of some of the best non-profit organizations that help raise awareness about food allergies.

Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AAFA)

Through support and lots of information, these foundations create awareness among all families with food-allergic members. They also strive to educate everyone to know what to do if someone has a food allergy episode.

Allergy and Asthma Network

The Allergy and Asthma Network is one of the best organizations out there. They help fight asthma and food allergy-related deaths.

Allison Rose Foundation

This association has created a strategic plan to alert all people in general of the dangers of food allergies and the countless premature deaths it causes each year.They also instruct people to know about first aid so they can help someone who is suffering from a food allergy episode.

Elijah-Alavi Foundation


This foundation was named after Elijah AlaviSilvera. A 3-year-old boy who died in 2017 in his New York preschool because of anaphylaxis after being fed a grilled cheese. It raises awareness of anaphylaxis and the potential dangers of food allergy symptoms.

These non-profit organizations work every day to raise awareness about the serious dangers of asthma and food allergies.

At the same time, these organizations are dedicated to raising funds to support medical studies that can discover a cure for these health problems. We all need to be aware and educated about this issue that is affecting more and more people around the world.