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Join Alex as he helps to collect allergy-friendly food items to support local food banks/charitable organizations, while helping to raise awareness of food allergies in our schools & communities across the country. Having food allergies himself, Alex knows the challenges faced by those at risk, especially when it comes to selecting safe options. Knowing how to read a food label and understanding how to identify allergens and ingredients is key to making informed choices.


We are proud to announce two exciting new initiatives for the Summer of TAG 2016 campaign that you can participate in and show your support.

Here are some label reading tips from Alex:

Read food labels each and every time you buy something. Manufacturers can change their production process and alter their products at any time.

Do The Triple Check. Read labels:

  • Once at the store before buying it.
  • Once when you get home and put it away.
  • Again before you serve or eat the product.

Avoid products:

  • that contain your allergen(s)
  • with pre-cautionary warnings for your allergen(s), such as “may contain”
  • that have no ingredient label
  • from bulk bins
  • that are imported as the food labelling standards may not be the same as in Canada

Be careful not to rely solely on a “free-from” claim on the front of a package (e.g. peanut free) for important allergen information. Always read the full ingredient list and any pre-cautionary messages on the label.

If you have questions on whether a product may contain your allergen, contact the company before purchasing the product.

Allergy Friendly Food Drive Challenge

Race Edition: July- August 2016

Racing fans can support the Allergen-Friendly Food Drive by donating non-perishable allergy-friendly food items at participating races this summer. All donations will be donated to a local food bank following the race. For more details click here.

School Edition: May – December 2016

Register your school today to help raise awareness about food allergies in your community during our 10 day challenge!

Is your school participating in a holiday food drive this fall? If so, consider adding a new twist with the Allergy Friendly Food Drive Challenge. Schools across the country are being asked to help raise awareness of food allergies by participating in this exciting school challenge.

Enter today for your school to have a chance to win our grand prize: Fifteen Apple iPad Air 2- 16GB tablets and a meet-and-greet with Alex Tagliani at your school!

Registration: opens May 16th! Register your school early for this exciting fall event.

When: the 10-day challenge will take place anytime between November 14 – December 9, 2016

Where: Enter your school online by completing the entry for provided below. Deadline for entering the contest is November 13, 2016

  1. Conduct or participate in an allergy-friendly food drive at your school during the 10 day challenge running any time between November 14 – December 9, 2016.
  2. Designate each day of the challenge to one of the top priority food allergens and ask students to bring in a product that does NOT contain that allergen. You may want to assign a specific class or grade to each day to make it easy for students to participate.

    Here is a schedule you can follow:

    Week 1 Allergen Week 2 Allergen
    Monday No Peanuts Monday No Shellfish
    Tuesday No Milk Tuesday No Sesame
    Wednesday No Eggs Wednesday No Wheat
    Thursday No Fish Thursday No Mustard
    Friday No Soy Friday No Tree nuts

    Help teach students how to read a food label by sharing Alex’s top tips:

    • always read the full ingredient list and any precautionary statements (e.g. May contain) on all products
    • avoid any product that contains or ‘may contain’ the allergen
    • avoid products from bulk bins, imported products and products without ingredient labels
    • be careful not to rely solely on a “free-from” claim on the front of a package (e.g. peanut free) for important allergen information. Always read the full ingredient list and label on the package
  3. Collect the food products for donation and bring them into your local food bank or charitable organization.
  4. Proof of participation: each school must request a letter confirming their donation from the receiving food bank/charitable organization and submit the letter to Food Allergy Canada by 12:00pm EST on December 16, 2016 to be eligible to be entered into our grand prize draw.
    This letter can be emailed to

Grand Prize

All schools that provide proof of their participation in the Allergy-Friendly Food Drive Challenge by the deadline, as outlined above, will be entered into the grand prize draw. The contest is limited to one entry per school. Food Allergy Canada will randomly select the winner from a pool of entries on December 20, 2016.

The winning school will receive Fifteen Apple iPad Air 2- 16GB tablets and a meet-and-greet with Alex Tagliani at their school!

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