Advertisement Plans


Every day we increase our visitors in the Summer of Tag. Our online magazine has proven once again to be a leader in information about food allergies and the non-profit organizations that support them.

People from Canada and all over the world write to thank us for the great work we are doing to make people aware of this issue.

The steps you have to follow are easy. Send us your advertising proposal and we will contact you to offer you our plans and rates. Remember that in the Summer of Tag we only offer services that meet the same quality standards as those of our partners’.

Our rates will depend on the size of your ad. We have a varied list that offers different prices depending on the banner, GIFs, and others. Remember that with the huge audience we have, your ad will be seen by many people who will be interested in acquiring your service.

For more information on advertising opportunities, please feel free to contact us. Be sure to write to us about everything you want to offer and everything you want to know, so we can send you the most accurate information to answer all your questions.

With your support, we will be able to improve the quality of our online magazine by hiring a better web hosting service. We will be able to reach more people around the world with food allergies will have access to more information.

You will be contributing to non-profit organizations, as part of the income will go to these organizations.

As part of our advertising campaign we will send you a special letter of appreciationfromnon-profit organizations. You can also enjoy a personalized meeting with one of our nutritionists for a free evaluation of your meals.

Visits are guaranteed. Support the online magazine Summer of Tag so that more people around the world can relieve their food allergies and don’t have to experience so many painful symptoms.