About the Site


Since he was a child, Keith R. Bain suffered from many allergies and sometimes he would get sick and spend several days in bed with rashes and even shortness of breath. Doctors couldn’t find what was wrong with him.

After several years of medical tests, failed treatments, hospital visits, and a lot of pain, his parents met a doctor who knew what made Keith so sick. He had food allergies. Several medical tests later revealed which foods caused his allergies and he began a special diet.

As the years went by, Keith wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of not knowing the difference between common allergies and food allergies. Therefore, he began working with non-profit organizations to better address the issue. Each day he became more specialized and his name began to be recognized.

Keith R. Bain continued working with these organizations to provide all necessary information to all hospitals in his city. However, he felt that this was not enough and that he needed to get the message out to the rest of the people in Canada and the world.

That’s how he founded Summer of Tag; an online magazine dedicated to providing all the necessary information about food allergies. Educating people about the dangers of not attending these allergies in time and why some foods may cause damage to our body is our main goal.

For more information about all the non-profit organizations that are dedicated to this topic, please contact us.